Writing Retreats! For PhD candidates and other researchers

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Schrijfretraites / vijfdaagsen. Nieuwe data voorjaar 2020: (1) VANWEGE CORONA UITGESTELD  (2) 28 Mei - 1 Juni; AFWACHTEN OF DIT MOGELIJK IS IN KLEINE GROEP. Ik stuur met plezier een flyer op met extra informatie. Voor alle vragen, kun je me bereiken via "contact" of Klik hier voor het inschrijfformulier.

Writing Retreats for PhD Candidates

Join us in our small village in the province of Groningen. The 5-days retreat will create 'momentum' in your writing process. You can try out new effective strategies, discuss your work with fellow writers and gain fresh perspectives on your work. And, most important of all, you will find concentration, a lot of writing time, inspiration, support and a good time altogether.

What can we focus on?

  • A more effective writing process: how do you approach the writing process and what could be a better, more efficient approach?
  • Analysing the ‘rhetorical situation’: Setting the Scene. Where are you going to submit your article? What are the requirements and guidelines? Who will be your readers?
  • Picturing Your Research: making or reconstructing a clear and transparent picture of the what, how and why of your research; of the main message of your chapter or journal article.
  • The first draft. Writing a bin version, making an effective outline, speed writing the first draft!
  • Revising your text. What are effective strategies for goal-directed revision of content, argumentation, structure/organisation, style? How to evaluate those dimensions of the writing?

Additionally we will be open to your individual questions and requests.


We have a detached house in the beautiful village of Eenrum (1500 inhabitants). There is a large attic for writing as well as a spacious living room were writers can work. For rest, fresh air or sunshine, you could find a seat in the nice garden. Wifi is available but not everywhere – which encourages the writing. You can park your car but there is a bus stop around the corner, connecting to the train to Groningen city.

Costs: standard is € 500 for 5 days, including coffee, tea, 5 lunches and 4 dinners and my book Effective Strategies for Academic Writing.

Accommodation for the night could be found at the B&B and campsite in Eenrum or in one of the villages nearby. For a list of affordable accommodations, please send me an email.