Schrijfweek / Writing Retreats! For PhD candidates and other researchers

Writing Retreats! 

2024: New options for 4 or 5-day writing retreats

  • Thursday 2nd of May till Sinday 5th or Monday 6th of May
  • To be scheduled from midst July: writing weekends (Friday - Sunday). Please send me an email if you are interested.

For more information or registration, please, send a message via "contact" or directly to Also if you are looking for other forms or moments of guidance.


Writing retreats for PhD students and other researchers

Practical information

Come to Groningen's Hogeland and treat yourself to a writing retreat! This will give an enormous 'boost' to text production. You will spend four or five days working with a group under the guidance of professionals. There is time and space for lots of thinking, writing and working, for lots of talking and learning and for relaxation.

Cost indication: standard programme 4 days € 375 (4x lunch; 3x dinner); 5 days € 475. (5x lunch and 4x dinner). Including tea, coffee, soft drinks, etc., guidance and the book Effective Strategies for Academic Writing (Eng).

What makes such a writing week effective?

  •     There is concentration; fleeing is out of the question (and you've turned on your absence detector;-)
  •     You receive guidance in segmenting the writing process
  •     You receive guidance in carrying out various sub-steps: strategies for better orientation, more effective planning, faster writing and more focused revision.
  •     You will receive a book in which all this is described in detail (Effective Strategies for Academic Writing or the Dutch version: Handboek Academisch Schrijven).
  •     Collaboration: in discussion, you learn from each other. Explaining to others what you want to write down helps enormously and giving feedback is extremely instructive.
  •     A new environment and other people give a fresh perspective on research and writing.



We will spend time on:

Effective writing, for example:

  • An effective writing process: what works and what does not work for you? In search of an effective approach.
  • Analysis of the 'rhetorical situation': Setting the Scene. Where do you want to publish? What are the requirements? Preconditions? From the journal and from your working environment.
  • How do you communicate more effectively with your supervisor?
  • Picturing Your Research: using a model by Heinze Oost, you map out the what, how and why of your research.
  • Already ready for a trash version? Start writing!
  • How do you make an outline of the paper that really gives you a grip on the writing?
  • How to get a first version on paper at high speed (keep writing!)
  • How can you revise your text systematically?
  • What are effective strategies for revising content and structure?
  • What do you pay attention to when revising style?

Effective communication with your supervisor/s

If there is sufficient interest, we can invite Judith Schut. Judith is a coach and training actor. She works with, for example, people from the police, the Dutch Railway and  psychiatry, but will mainly use her experience as a training actor in courses for PhD-supervisors.

  • With Judith you could practice conversations with your supervisor/s. Maybe you are not so happy with the way they are going? How do you get a better grip on communication, how do you come across, how can you respond to your supervisor's behaviour?

Auteur van Handboek Academisch Schrijven (2011)
en Effective Strategies for Academic Writing (2017)